Tom MIG welding

Tauron Mk1

A detailed build log, from the early design and wooden prototype to the finished robot.
Includes detailed technical specs and lots of photos and video.

Tauron Mk2's unpainted weapon bar

Tauron Mk2

Tauron has grown up!
A description of Tauron Mk2's build, and info about the rumble with Tornado.
Write-up of Robot Wars series 10 to follow soon.

Monsoon in the tunnel at Battlebots

Monsoon: Battlebots S3

Tom formed Team Monsoon to take part in Battlebots series 3.
Check back on this page for more information - it'll be updated with more information and images when possible.

Tunnel of light

Robot Wars Series 9

VT Filming, moody poses with a blowtorch, eating cake.
Up to Glasgow and into the warehouse, and the full story of what happened next.

Tauron gets a good hit on Androne

Robot Wars Series 10

An analysis of our matches (and why things went the way they did), upgrades and improvements.
Lots of photos, and links to some videos. Is our second application video as funny as the first...?



The design and build of Team Tauron's featherweight, and reports of his combat appearances.
Background information about featherweights, videos and images.

Tauron v Gabriel

Live Events

Straddle, an adapted version of Mk1, and the prototype Mk3, all take part in live event tours.
Have a look at how they've got on; includes many links to fight videos.

Cameraman filming Tom for the VT


Photos, video and sound clips of Tauron Mk1 and Mk2, plus some of Straddle (Team Tauron's featherweight).

Team clothing with logos


Links to other sites of interest, some of our suppliers, and sources of information.
Let us know if you think of any more we should add.

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Special Thanks

Grateful thanks, in no particular order, go to:

  • K-Cut Ltd for sponsoring Monsoon for Battlebots Series 3. K-Cut have cut and supplied all the Hardox 500 for Monsoon's chassis and armour, plus the chassis and Hardox armour for all versions of Tauron.
  • Martin Woodward of tecmedi for Tauron's logo design and associated artwork, and Aimée Rixson Illustration for Monsoon's logo design.
  • Ashley Sims of Turvey Motors for welding tuition and filming location.
  • Gary (PP3D) for helping us source an emergency Etek, and Team Phantom for selling it to us and personally handing it over the pit fence!
  • All the roboteers, especially Rory (Nuts), ACE Robotics, Dave (Die Gracefully Robotics) and James (Glitterbomb).
  • Jane Brewster (extremely tolerant mum of Tom and wife of Tim) for creating this website, keeping Team Tauron supplied with coffee, feeding cookies to the roboteers, and being an all-round good egg.