The first experimental rolling chassis

Early Days

Planning, design, CAD and experimentation.
Interesting boxes start to arrive, the first experimental rolling chassis designs are built and tested.

Tom MIG welding

Construction Phase

The real work begins; welding the Hardox steel jigsaw together into a solid chassis, angle grinding, cutting the polycarbonate, installing the electronics.

Fitting the polycarbonate to the painted chassis

Finishing Touches

Painting the chassis, weapon and panels, final tweaks to the design. Adding the LEDs and other shiny things.
Getting Tauron ready for the Wars.

A close-up of the weapon motor and speed controller

The Technical Stuff

Some interesting facts and figures, main parts used, motors, speed controllers, materials etc.
If you want to know more, just ask and we'll probably tell you.

Tunnel of light

Robot Wars

VT Filming, moody poses with a blowtorch, eating cake.
Packing up and loading the van, up to Glasgow and into the warehouse.

Cameraman filming Tom for the VT


Some photos taken during Tauron's design and build, plus some sound clips and videos.
Includes shots taken during the VT filming.
**Now updated with new videos!**

Team clothing with logos


Links to other sites of interest.

Some of our suppliers and sources of information.

A sneaky peek of Tauron 2

Tauron Mk2

Tauron has grown up!

Have a look at the evolved Tauron and our live event appearances.



The design and build of Team Tauron's featherweight, and reports of his combat appearances.
Background information about featherweights.

Team Tauron logo

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Special Thanks

Grateful thanks, in no particular order, go to:

  • Martin Woodward of tecmedi for the logo design and associated artwork.
  • Ashley Sims of Turvey Motors for welding tuition and filming location.
  • Gary (PP3D) for helping us source an emergency Etek, and Team Phantom for selling it to us and personally handing it over the pit fence!
  • All the roboteers, especially Rory (Nuts), ACE Robotics, Dave (Die Gracefully Robotics) and James (Glitterbomb).
  • Jane Brewster (extremely tolerant mum of Tom and wife of Tim) for creating this website, keeping Team Tauron supplied with coffee, feeding cookies to the roboteers, and being an all-round good egg.