Live Events

Tauron with the new, shiny axeThere are several live robot combat tours and other competitions that take place around the UK. These feature many of the robots from the televised Robot Wars series, but also many other teams take part with robots that you won't have seen on TV. For safety reasons, not all of the arenas at these events are able to take big spinners, so you'll see a lot of flippers, plus some axebots, controlbots and pushbots. Where spinners can take part, they have to run at about half the maximum speed you see on the TV, up to 125mph (that's pretty impressive though!) They're really exciting and often sell out well in advance, and premium tickets are usually available that give you access to the pits to get up close to the robots and meet the roboteers, so buy your tickets early!

Tauron and friends at Robots Live, GranthamThe robots you see on Robot Wars are heavyweights (up to 110kg) but at the live events you may also see other weight classes fighting, such as featherweight (up to 13.6kg), beetleweight (1.5kg) and antweight (150g)

In order to take part, we adapted Tauron mk1 with different motors and an axe with the help of the Dorset Roboteering Team, but unfortunately the motors we used for this weren't powerful enough to operate it properly. However, if you have a look at the links to videos in the table below, you can see how we've used the axe as a big golf club/pokey stick, and these also show just how robust Tauron has proved to be (when the link is put in correctly...), capable of taking big hits and turning somersaults time after time, and easily driving off afterwards.

We tested out a weaponless prototype of our featherweight, Straddle, at the Grantham event in 2017, and the lessons learned from that led onto the development of the final version that came 13th out of over 50 entrants at the International Featherweight Championships held at Insomnia61 at the NEC in August 2017.

For more information about live events in the UK, see Extreme Robots and Robots Live, and also the FRA Live Events forum.

Extreme Robots
11-12 November 2017
Tauron mk3 - weapon running at half speed (125mph)
Gabriel v Tauron v Infernal Contraption
Tauron v Infernal Contraption v Cyclone
Tauron v TMHWK
Grand Final: Tauron v Ripper
Complete weekend
Extreme Robots
22 October 2017
Early drive test of Tauron mk3 - weapon not yet connected
Tauron v Manta v Luna-Tic v Vortex v Two-Headed Death Flamingo - Tauron 2nd
Audacious v Gabriel v Tauron v Griffalo - Tauron 2nd
Eruption v Beast v Tauron v Two-headed Death Flamingo
Tag Team Match: Two-Headed Death Flamingo & Tauron v Chimera & Rattler - 2HDF & Tauron won
Robo Challenge International Featherweight Championships
Insomnia61, NEC
25-28 August 2017
Straddle v Impact v Blunt Force Trauma - First round (Straddle 2nd, judges' decision)
Straddle v Mantis - First round (Straddle won)
Straddle v Explosion - First round
Straddle v Shrapnel - Final 16 knock-out round
Straddle v Impact v Pendulum v Steve v Omega v Gertie - Six-way melee, whiteboard (Straddle won, judges' decision):
Gladiator Battle - 20-way rumble (Straddle 2nd)
Robots Live
01-02 July 2017
Tauron v Apollo v Behemoth
Tauron v Turbulence v Meggamouse v Apollo
Straddle prototype (then called Spectre) - Featherweight melee
Tauron v Gabriel v Meggamouse
Tauron v Eruption v Foxic v Chimera 2
Extreme Robots
10-11 June 2017
Tauron v Behemoth v Atom v Expulsion
Tauron v Expulsion v Atom v Suspension v Cyclone
Tauron v Ripper v Saint v Expulsion v Suspension
Tag Team event: (Tauron + Thor) v (Audacious + Weird mAlice)
Tauron v Turbulence v Meggamouse v Apollo
Tim and Spectre in the pits at Grantham
Tauron in the arena at Grantham