Monsoon: Battlebots

There's only one thing that could match up to the excitement of being accepted onto Robot Wars - and that's being accepted onto Battlebots!

Tim's concertina

A group of featherweight robots waiting to enter the arenaIn March 2018 Tom was very proud to announce that a new team he'd formed with Tim Rackley, Sam Griffin and Sarah Asplin will be heading out to Long Beach California to take part in Battlebots Series 3. Tim and Sam took part in Robot Wars series 9 and 10 with Concussion, and Sarah was in series 5, 6 and 7 as a child, with her dad Karl and his robot The Alien. Their new robot is called Monsoon - a vicious vertical spinner that is sure to #raindownthepain.

At the time of writing Monsoon and the team are all out in Long Beach California filming the series. There won't be any spoilers here - you'll have to wait to find out how they get on.

This page will be updated when we're able to release any news, but in the meantime you can follow the team on Twitter and Facebook, or via Team Tauron's Instagram page.

Huge thanks to K-Cut for sponsoring Monsoon, as the team take stateside by storm.

Sarah welding Monsoon
Monsoon - representing the UK
Sam dressed up as Monsoon
Many Monsoon stickers
Tim welding Monsoon
Monsoon being loaded up for shipping