Monsoon: Battlebots

There's only one thing that could match up to the excitement of being accepted onto Robot Wars - and that's being accepted onto Battlebots!

Official shot: Monsoon in the tunnel
Monsoon's pit banner
Team Monsoon in the Battlebox

Team MonsoonIn March 2018 Tom was very proud to announce that a new team he'd formed with Tim Rackley, Sam Griffin and Sarah Asplin would be heading out to Long Beach California to take part in Battlebots Season 3. Tim and Sam took part in Robot Wars series 9 and 10 with Concussion, and Sarah was in series 5, 6 and 7 as a child, with her dad Karl and his robot The Alien. Their new robot is a new version of Tauron Mk3 (which has only been seen so far at UK live events) and is called Monsoon - a vicious vertical spinner that is sure to #raindownthepain.

MonsoonMonsoon is based on Tom's design for Tauron Mk3 - in fact Tom had trialled the design at live events in the UK in 2017, however the BBC failed to renew for another series of Robot Wars so he decided to re-use it for Battlebots instead. Monsoon uses Tauron Mk3's chassis and internals, with new wiring from Tim R, and a new Monsoon-themed set of armour from Tom. Monsoon also uses Tauron's unique pivoting weapon section design, which was given a new look by Sam. An asymmetric bar of Hardox 500 spinning at 244mph and a new colour scheme completed the redesign, and Monsoon was born.

At the time of writing filming has finished and Tom and the team are all back home from Long Beach. Monsoon's page on the Battlebots website is now live (please visit it and give us a like!), and Monsoon's crate has arrived home. Whether it contains a whole robot or a Monsoon jigsaw you'll have to wait to see - there won't be any spoilers here - all the photos of Monsoon we've published so far were taken before any fights took place. We'll update this page whenever we can release any news, but in the meantime you can follow the team on Twitter and Facebook, or via Team Tauron's Instagram page.

Huge thanks to K-Cut for sponsoring Monsoon, as the team take stateside by storm.

Sarah welding Monsoon
Monsoon - representing the UK
Sam dressed up as Monsoon
Many Monsoon stickers
Tim welding Monsoon
Monsoon being loaded up for shipping

Videos: Monsoon

  • Monsoon - Weapon Articulation
    A demonstration of the pivoting weapon section