Robot Wars Series 10

3... 2... 1... ACTIVATE - Again!!!

Here we go again - with a lot to prove this time.

Official team shot
Tauron - Spinner (screenshot from BBC)
Team pose (screenshot from BBC)

Improved? Judge for Youself!

Mk.1 to Mk.2 Upgrades:

  • Armour upgraded from 6mm polycarbonate to 4mm hardened steel (Hardox) and 10mm HDPE
  • Weapon speed increased from 220mph to 250mph
  • Weapon bar weight increased from 13kg to 18kg
  • Lifespan was upgraded from 8 seconds to 360 seconds (an increase of 3800%!)
  • The safety guys obviously thought Tauron was much improved - along with Apex and Triforce, Tauron’s tests were performed in the main arena, instead of the test box (as they’re too scary!) Have a look at the video below; the first spin up was a failsafe test, the second was a spin down timer test.

Tauron v Iron Awe 6 v The Kegs

The robots at the start of Tauron's meleeTauron takes a bar off a Keg This fight was pretty destructive! We managed to take the weapon bar off each of The Kegs (knocking a metal bar off the presenters' arena booth in the process), send one of The Kegs into a barrel roll, and get some great hits on Iron Awe, causing them quite a bit of damage.

This would be the very first time that we had ever spun Tauron’s weapon and really tried to drive the robot at the same time. After the first charge at Iron Awe, we quickly found that whilst fighting the gyroscopic forces was hard enough, Tauron’s weight distribution was not great - as a result, turning the robot whilst the bar was running at full speed proved to be very difficult. Hence why Tauron was a lot more mobile before the bar was up to speed. The weapon certainly proved to be potent though, which is something I’m certainly very pleased about - but this also proved to be our downfall. By the end of the fight, you may have noticed all the debris that we had scattered across the arena. When Sir Killalot unstuck us from Iron Awe, we were put down on a piece of debris, which immobilised us. Eventually I did manage to wiggle the robot free (there’s even a clip of me reversing away in a later shot) - but by then I had given up trying to free the robot and cease had been called. The lesson here is never stop trying to move!!

Group shot of all the teams in Tauron's melee
A Keg, Iron Awe and Tauron all getting stuck in
Tauron and Iron Awe meeting at the flame pit

Tauron v Androne 4000

Tom and Tim ready to walk down through the lights.Tauron sends Androne flyingWell this fight has certainly proved to be a talking point of the episode! The main thing we’d learned from the previous fight was just how hard the robot was to manoeuvre with the weapon spinning. So for the first half of the fight, the plan was to spin the weapon a bit slower so we could move, get around the side of Androne, and attack! But of course we learned early on that this wasn’t going to work. So, for the second half of the fight, we ran the weapon at max speed and just went for as much damage as possible. That smoke you saw on TV by the way was one of the belts - the weapon is driven by a pair of rubber V belts, and Androne had managed to grab one as we were trying to spin the weapon. You could smell the burning rubber from the booth!

Tauron takes a side panel off Androne.Dead Metal attacks TauronIt proved to be a great fight, we had a lot of fun, and a big congrats to the Androne folks for taking it.
I believe that the judges did make the right call – personally, I believe that Androne certainly had plenty more control, whereas we scored highly on damage. Aggression may have been theirs in the first half of the battle, whereas in the second half it could have been either way.
It was a fantastic fight, and kudos to the Androne team for building such a fantastic machine.

Tauron and Androne - pre-match stats
Tauron and Androne wrestle over the spikes
Tauron gets some air on the arena flipper

And Finally...

Overall, I’m absolutely thrilled by Tauron’s performance at Robot Wars series 10. Even though we narrowly missed out on both of our fights, I hope we made some good TV! Big thanks goes out to the entirety of the technical and production crew, thank you so much for having us back on the show and giving us another chance. I’ve met so many awesome friends through Robot Wars and I’ll never forget my time on the show. If the series is renewed again, we’ll absolutely be up for coming back, so we can finally win!



Team Tauron's official team photo
  • Tauron at Robot Wars 10

Team Tauron's official team photo'
  • Other Robots at Robot Wars 10

  • Application Video
  • Tech checks in the main arena