Links to the sites of some of our suppliers and anything else we think is interesting and/or useful.


Robot Wars Mentorn's Official Robot Wars website.
Tauron Mk1 on Robot Wars Tauron Mk1's page on the official website.
Tauron Mk2 on Robot Wars Tauron Mk2's page on the official website.
Tauron on the Wiki Tauron's page on the Robot Wars Wiki.
K Cut Ltd We are very proud that K-Cut are sponsoring Monsoon for Battlebots Series 3. They have cut and supplied all the Hardox 500 for Monsoon's chassis and armour.
K-Cut also water jet cut and supplied all the Hardox for Tauron Mk1 and Mk2's chassis, including Mk1's 40mm thick weapon bar. They cut and supplied the chassis and armour pieces for Tauron Mk3 (seen at UK live events).
Great service and very quick delivery, used by a lot of robot teams.
John Moore Ltd John Moore Ltd cut the weapon bar for Tauron Mk2 (also used by Tauron Mk3), and the newly designed weapon bar used by Monsoon in Battlebots.
Hogarth Engineering Ltd Paul Hogarth of Hogarth Engineering Ltd, Bedford, CNC milled part of Tauron Mk2's weapon drive train.
tecmedi Martin Woodward designed Tauron's logo.


Straddle 2 | King of Bots Wiki Straddle 2 reached the top 20 in the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championship.


Fighting Robot Association The website of the governing body for robotic combat and competition. Masses of information, excellent forums, robot stats, events, etc. Great source of information, with forums.
Extreme Robots and
Robots Live
Two "live event" robot combat tours in the UK - coming to a sports hall near you! Come and see robots battling in the arena. The teams attending each event vary, but you'll always get to see some of the robots from the televised series. You might even get to meet some of the roboteers or catch some of the different weight class tournaments.
Tauron's Hardox being cut by water jet
Tauron logos on Hoodies and t-shirts
Some of Tauron's hardware components