Photo Galleries, Sound Clips, Videos

Tauron Mk1: Photo Galleries

A prototype wooden rolling chassis
  • Early Days

Tom welding
  • Welding

Fitting the weapon bar
  • Weapon Configuration & Painting

Completed Tauron
  • Final Steps

Tom being filmed
  • VT Filming

The filming warehouse
  • Robot Wars: Arriving and first impressions

The walk of light
  • In the Wars

Tauron Mk2: Photo Galleries

Angle grinding
  • Building Tauron Mk2

Tim and Tom pose for the camera
  • Making the Application Video

Team Tauron and Andrew Marchant pose with Tauron mk2 and Tornado
  • Tauron Meets Tornado

Team Tauron's official team photo
  • Tauron at Robot Wars 10

Other robots we met at Robot Wars series 10
  • Other Robots at Robot Wars 10

Sound Clips

  • Tauron Mk1 early weapon test
    Slow spin-up

  • Tauron Mk2 weapon test

  • The future...!

Tauron Mk1: Video

  • July 2016 GoPro Footage
    Testing out the chassis concept
  • Robot Wars Series 9 (reboot 2) Application Video (if you really want a laugh!)
  • Tauron on the Turntable
  • Tauron in the Test Box
  • Tauron Drive Testing
    Getting Mk1 ready for the live events

Tauron Mk2: Video

  • Robot Wars Series 10 (reboot 3) application video
  • Tauron v Tornado
  • Tech checks in the main arena at Robot Wars 10

Straddle: Video

  • Straddle: Weapon & Drive Test
    Still called Spectre at this point. Filmed remotely for safety.
  • Insomnia61 (2017): Six-Way Whiteboard Fight
    Straddle 2nd - Judges' decision
  • Insomnia61 (2017): 20-Way Gladiator Fight
    Straddle came 2nd!
  • Insomnia63 (2018): Straddle 2 vs X-303 vs Neon
    Straddle won by KO
  • Insomnia63 (2018): Straddle v Cobalt
    Straddle won by JD